An evening in the city

A really special evening with „art, culture, food and shopping in the heart of the city“ the invitation offered me for this day. Starting the evening at the “palazzo reale” and strolling by the “Duomo di Milano” into the live twirling “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Ottagono”. Inside this huge and crowded galleria with its many Restaurants and shops was presented for the first time ever and guarded by two sternly ( but good ) looking Policewomen the book “De Divina Proportione” illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci, this great genius they are all so proud of in Milan. And as I just worked out of the galleria, he got himself his very own monumental statue at the “Piazza Scala” where, in the adjacent “Palazzo Marino” two more of his drawings from the “Codex Atlanticus” are on display. As the sun downs it was time to head back to the “Duomo di Milano” where an beautiful concert with one of the rare Stradivari violins took place. It was very hot in there but I have to thank the woman sitting next to me for her fan. After satisfying my cultural needs there was only one more to satisfy, my stomach. Luckily there was a voucher for a hot Italian meal attached to the invitation, so I choose one nice restaurant and enjoyed the delicious “Risotto alla Milanese”. In the restaurant I meet also two lovely Japanese women dressed in a traditional Kimono and had a very nice time.

Thank you IFLA for that “really special evening”.


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