off-site event: digital libraries

Today I managed my way into the off-site digital library workshop “”digital library futures: user perspective and institutional strategies”. Located in the wonderful old University of Milan near the Dom. After the welcome from the Headmaster of the University and the Italian Ministry of cultural heritage the President of IFLA Prof. Dr. Claudia Lux emphasized the importance of digital collections managed by librarians.

The first session “the digital library user experience: a focus on current user research” was spearheaded by Prof. David Nicholas from the University College London speaking about how users in the digital environment play, they bounce, are promiscuous, need 24/7 attendance, are from all over the world and most of them are robots.

After him Daniel Tureggi, Chair Chair Europeana user group from Paris spoke about the Europeana and its adaption to user needs.

Last speaker of this session was Elke Greifeneder from the Berlin School of Library and Information Science, Humboldt-University zu Berlin. She told us the many different methods used for online user research like surveys or log file analysis. What the purpose of studies are like the usage or the quality of a service. The relationship between purpose and result is one of no concurrency.


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