Management and Marketing, first speaker

In an totally overcrowded room, the yellow one is quite large, the exiting topic today in the morning is the future: “Libraries of the future – libraries in the future: where will we stand 10 years from now?”


First Prophet to look into the future was Klaus Ceynowa, a fellow countryman from Germany, but then again he works in Munich at the Bavarian state library, to talk about the “Libraries in Digital Life”. Like the magical Creature the library will burn down on its old and overcome model and within the next 10 years will emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes. Two imperatives he pointed out: 1. the library as a service must be invisible and fully integrated into aggregators and 2.the  library as a place must be visible with stunning architecture and modern design.


Klaus Ceynowa, Bavarian state library, Munich, Germany


He described the decline usage of library homepages and predicted the convergence to mobile devices, flexible e-book reader and a library on a (contact) lens and especially that was cool, as I might say so. Post your reasons why you love your library on a flagstaff, just like the Singaporeans do and for all of us who are sooo skeptical, there are at least 50 reasons not to change.


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