Registration desk is hell

In the afternoon I volunteered to work at the registration desk where my task was to exchange the vouchers for the la Scala opera event as well as the library tours. That wasn’t to hard as you can imagine. The most complicated cases where when people weren’t satisfied with their seating within the opera. So we had to print out the seating chart and explain to them the where they would sit and as you can imagine everything is written in Italian down here. But we managed to fulfill all of their whishes. Now the hell part of it, selling tickets is not such an easy task. First of all payment software is not an easy on and all the numbers I have to input gave me a hell of a time. There is a badge number, an activity number, a payment number, lots of numbers from the credit card itself and so on. During my first attempts I constantly required help, but at the end of the day I became quite familiar with the system and can charge you cash or credit card blindfolded.

But it’s also fascinating talking to all the different people from all the different countries in English, only once I had the opportunity to meet a fellow German client, an Interpreter, I sold him one ticket for cash.

Actually the hole registration work was so exciting that the time went by so quickly.  I just stopped handing out tickets when the closed sign appeared on my desk. People just came pouring to my position that I worked for straight 4 hours without any pause.

At the volunteers office I refilled my water bottle, witch is very important around here in these very hot climate, and closed the day by some glasses of tea, some cookies and a slice of cake.  Maybe I volunteer for the registration desk again, just for the fun of it, or maybe not.

tea cake

greetings from Milan


Über dieter.meer

love swimming

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