Libraries in London

In about three weeks  I am going back to Germany. But before that,  I want to recommend you one very special library, the Wiener Library. Then I want to show you some photos of the London Goethe Institutes‘ Library and some other photos concerning library stuff.
But firstly  – back to  the „Wiener Library“: Alfred Wiener who worked for the Central Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith left Germany in 1933. Then in Amsterdam he collected anything about the Nazis. In 1939 the library was moved to London because of the expansion of the Nazi-Regime but it kept going on in collecting those sources. After the NS – age the Wiener Library was often used to get the prior sources of National Socialism used for trials against former Nazis (for example during the Trials of Nürnberg)  as well as for the  media or scientists.

The Wiener Library is offering  very interesing and valuable holdings (Nazi schoolbooks, antisemitic childrens‘ games,   original photographs from concentration camps, eye witness reports, Nazi literature, material about the „Kindertransporte“ etc).  Still housed in London, the Wiener Library today is  in  big trouble because the financing situation is unsure for the future. They need support … Otherwise the only information centre of this kind in whole Great Britain will disappear. The library then will hopefully be removed to Israel or to the USA. But firstly the staff tries to save the librarys habitat in London. So spend some money for the survival of the Wiener Library in London because it is massively important to keep going on raising awareness about the Nazi crimes in England as well as anywhere else.

Check out the homepage and the growing online archive of photographs which is searchable  by keywords.



And finally here are some other photos dealing with Londons‘ furhter  library landscape:


Listening to the internetHolborn Public Library

Library and Archives Natural History MuseumBL exhibition Taking liberties

tak-libWimbledon Library

Wimbledon Librarywimbledon3


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