a window with aview

right down to a buisy street of London. I’m sitting in the library of the „german historical institute london“ located just across the british museum where I spent nearly all day yesterday with roboico. He gave me a tour around the institute this afternoon, as you maybe remeber he has an internship here. It’s quite impressive the premise of the institiute, an noble house with an imperial look like many other bulidings here in london. And the best part is that most of the room are packed wit books, three storeys of it, so the whole institute is for the most part a big library. What surprised me the most was the rather antique systems they use in the library. First of all are the „PI“ prussian instruktions to catalouge the books and then the library system is an DOS based Allegro. Well if its working. But if yuo looking for some german history you’e in the right place because they have everything on german history, well one can expect from the name of the institute of course. And there is a nice cosy common room with leather chairs and many journals and newspaper one can choose from and where you can celebrate the famous english tee ceremony.
I see its about time for that, so see you soon and enjoy your tee.


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